Table 7.

Human antistreptococcal MAb specificitiesa

MAbAntigen specificity
10.2.3Myosin, keratin, vimentin, actin, M5, M6, GlcNacb
1.C8Myosin, vimentin, keratin, GlcNac
1.H9cMyosin, keratin, GlcNac
4.F2Myosin, keratin, GlcNac
5.G7dHeat-aggregated IgG, myosin, keratin, GlcNac
5.G3Keratin, GlcNac
1.C3Laminin, keratin, GlcNac
9.B12Keratin, GlcNac
2.H11Keratin, GlcNac
3.B6cMyosin, tropomyosin, vimentin, actin
  • a Adapted from reference119 with permission from the publisher.

  • b GlcNac, N-acetylglucosamine.

  • c Cytotoxic MAbs.

  • d Rheumatoid factor.