Table 2.

Fungal phospholipases

FungusEnzymeGene cloned (name)Substrate specificityaProtein size (amino acid residues)Molecular mass (kDa)Potential GPI anchor sequence for attachmentReference(s)
Candida albicans PLB1Yes (caPLB1)PC, 1-palmitoyl-Lyso-PC, 1-arachidonyl-Lyso-PC, 1-olejoyl-Lyso-PC, f1-Palmitoyl-Lyso-PE, 1-Palmitoyl-Lyso-PI60584No 101,122, 193
PLB2Yes (caPLB2)60867b No 188
PLDYes (caPLD)1,710196.4b 87
Candida glabrata PLBNoPC, Lyso-PCClancy et al., Programs Abstr. 36th Annu. Meet. Infect. Dis. Soc. Am., abstr. 316 and 317
Cryptococcus neoformans PLBYes (PLB)PC617 23, 24; Gottfredsson et al., Abstr. 97th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol. 1997
Aspergillus fumigatus PLBNoPC 16; Koul et al., Abstr. 98th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol. 1998
PLDNo 16
Aspergillus flavus PLBNoPC, Lyso-PC 16; Koul et al., Abstr. 98th Gen. Meet. Am. Soc. Microbiol. 1998
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yes (PLB1)e 664Yes 100,223-225
PLBc 200–280
PLB1d 220
PLB2d 145 87,206
PLDYes (SPO14)1,683195
Penicillium notatum PLBYes (PLB)PC and Lyso-PC60395Yes 113,163
Schizosaccharomyces pombe YesYes
Torulaspora delbrueckii Yes (PLB)Unknown64972Yes 211
Neurospora crassa Yesf
Kluyveromyces lactus Yesf
  • a For abbreviations, see Table 1, footnote a.

  • b Predicted from the amino acid sequence and may vary due to posttranslational modifications.

  • c Secreted enzyme.

  • d Membrane-associated enzyme.

  • e Coding for a core protein moiety of the three isoforms of PLB present in S. cerevisiae.

  • f Gene sequence available in GenBank but not published.