Table 1.

Abscess induction by Zpsa

PS A0.67
PS B25
C substance5
S. pneumoniae type 1 CP31
Group B meningococcal CP>200
Group B streptococcal type Ia CP>200
  • a Animals were challenged intraperitoneally with 10-fold dilutions of each polysaccharide mixed 1:1 with sterile cecal-content adjuvant (64). Animals were examined for intra-abdominal abscesses 6 days later, and the AD50 was calculated as described (64). Zps were potent abscess-inducing agents, while polysaccharides that did not have this charge motif had AD50s greater than 200 μg.

  • b The dose of polysaccharide calculated to yield abscesses in 50% of animals as previously described (64).