Table 2.

Clinical symptoms and signs, and acute complications in symptomatic acute Q fever patientsa and biological findings in patients with acute Q fever whether symptomatic or notb

Clinical findings% of patients with indicated findingsBiological findings% of patients with indicated findings
Fever88–100Normal leukocyte count90
Chills68–88Increased transaminase levels45–85
Headache68–98Increased bilirubin levels9–14.3
Myalgia47–69Increased alkaline phosphatase levels27.7–57
Sweats31–98Increased γ-glutamyl transferase levels25–75
Cough24–90Increased creatine phosphokinase levels29
Nausea22–49Increased lactate-dehydrogenase levels33.3–40
Vomiting13–42Increased creatinine levels29–40
Chest pain10–45Elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate43–87.5
Diarrhea5–22Smooth muscle antibodies65
Skin rash5–21Antiphospholipase antibodies50
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  • b Data compiled from references 81, 217, 282, 293, 338, and 341.