Table 4.

Comparison of extractants on different parameters based on a five-point scale (1 to 5) and with different weights allocated to the different parametersa

ParameterWeightbAcetoneEthanolMethanolMCWcMethylene dichlorideWater
Quantity extracted36396121212123399
Rate of extraction31215121212121212151599
No. of compounds extracted52020101515201015101555
No. of inhibitors extracted5202001020152020201500
Toxicity in bioassay41616880088881616
Ease of removal520205510101010202000
Hazardous to use2888822666688
  • a Reprinted from reference61 with permission of the publisher.

  • b Five-point scale (5, best; 1, worst), based on Eloff’s (61) judgment of the importance of the parameter.

  • c MCW, methanol-chloroform-water.

  • d Results for Anthocleista grandiflora.

  • e Results for Combretum erythrophyllum.