Table 15.

Kinetic approach: D-values at 20°C of phenol and benzalkonium chloride against fungi and bacteriaa

Antimicrobial agentpHConcn (%, wt/vol)D -value (h)bagainst:
Aspergillus nigerCandida albicansEscherichia coliPseudomonas aeruginosaStaphylococcus aureus
Benzalkonium chloride5.10.001d9.660.063.013.12
  • a Abstracted from the data in references244 and 245.

  • b D -values are the times to reduce the viable population by 1 log unit.

  • c Inactivation was so rapid that the D -values could not be measured.

  • d No inactivation: fungistatic effect only.