Table 5.

hsp involvement in human autoimmune diseases

Diseasehsp-specific responsesReference(s)
RAAntibodies specific for mycobacterial hsp60 188
Binding of hsp60-specific antibodies to synovial tissue of patients with RA 55
Raised expression of self-hsp60 in inflamed synovium in juvenile chronic RA 30
Response of cross-reactive αβ T cells from inflamed sites to mycobacterial hsp60 and human hsp60 173
Cross-reactive αβ T cells from synovial fluid of patients with juvenile chronic RA specific for conserved regions of the mycobacterial and human hsp60 56,112
T- and B-cell responses to mycobacterial hsp60 in juvenile RA 50
γδ T cells in synovial fluid of RA reactive for mycobacterial hsp60 121
Response of cross-reactive γδ T cell clone from synovial fluid to mycobacterial and human hsp60 104
Overexpression of hsp60 on synovial fluid lymphocytes from RA patients 245
Localization of mycobacterial hsp60-reactive B cells within affected joints 240
Correlation of T-cell responses to human hsp60 in early course of oligoarticular RA with disease remission 223
T cells of synovial fluid and peripheral blood reactive for mycobacterial hsp60 40
SLEOverexpression of hsp90 in B and T cells of SLE patients 72
Raised antibody levels to hsp90 in a significant group of SLE patients 44
Antibodies reactive with hsp90 in childhood-onset SLE 45
MShsp70-specific antibodies in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of MS patients 24
Detection of hsp70-reactive and hsp60-reactive αβ T cells in spinal fluid of MS patients 25, 242
Correlation of overexpression of hsp60 by immature oligodendrocytes with localization of γδ T cells 256
Accumulation of γδ T cells in areas of demyelination 256
Detection of γδ T cells in acute lesions of MS 303
Induction of hsp expression in oligodendrocytes in vitro 86
T cells specific for the small hsp, alpha B-crystallin, in MS patients 294
Increased expression of alpha B-crystallin in astrocytes and oligodendrocytes in MS patients 294
Increased expression of alpha B-crystallin in early stage of lesional development in a subpopulation of oligodendrocytes 14
Reactive arthritisResponse of αβ T cells from synovial fluid to human hsp60, to stressed host cells, and to mononuclear cells isolated from inflamed joints 112
Selective stimulation of γδ T cells by in vitro stimulation with hsp60 113
Recognition of HLA-B27-restricted chlamydial hsp60 peptide by CD8 T cells derived from synovial fluid of patient with chlamydia-induced reactive arthritis 184
Identification of a T-cell epitope within the chlamydial hsp60 recognized by a T-cell clone isolated from a patient with reactive arthritis 52
Kawasaki diseaseAntibodies to mycobacterial hsp60 and autoantibodies to epitopes of human hsp60-specific antibodies 307
Behcet’s diseasehsp60-specific antibodies in serum from patients 170
T-cell response to self-hsp60 217
Stimulation of T cells from patients with Behcet’s disease by self hsp60 peptides 138
γδ T cells of patients reactive to mycobacterial hsp60 peptides 109
PsoriasisAntibodies specific for mycobacterial hsp60 229
Atherosclerosishsp60-specific antibodies 304
Correlation of intensity of hsp60 expression with recruitment of hsp-reactive T cells 159
Lysis of macrophages expressing hsp60 from patients by antibodies against self-hsp60 247
Systemic sclerosisAntibodies specific for mycobacterial hsp60 50
Chronic gastritisColocalization of γδ T cells with hsp60 expression of inflammatory gastritis epithelium 71
Hashimoto’s thyroiditisHigh expression of self-hsp60 in follicular cells from patients 162