Table 6.

Findings militating against a role of hsp in autoimmune diseases

IDDM in NOD miceGAD is the major disease-inducing antigen 140, 288
Levels of anti-self-hsp60 antibodies do not exceed levels in control mice 183
Reactive arthritisThe frequency of hsp60-reactive T cells is low in patients with reactive arthritis 175
In inflammatory synovitis, no response to self-hsp60 of synovial fluid cells is observed 220
RASynovial-fluid-derived T cells do not respond to hsp60 in adults with chronic RA 56
Inconsistent levels of self-hsp-reactive antibodies are found in patients with RA 130
Similar T-cell responses of synovial fluid and peripheral samples from patients and normal individuals are found with respect to hsp60 reactivity 81
SLENo evidence is found for increased anti-self-hsp antibody levels 156
An inconsistent pattern of elevated IgM antibody levels to hsp60 is found in SLE patients 212
MShsp60 expression is absent in MS lesions 14