Table 5.

Analysis of PCR results in patients with and without IA

SpecimenProbeTotal no. of patientsNo. positiveReference
Urine18-kDa ribotoxin13c1/11/12519
BAL fluidrDNA10d3/32/7617
BAL fluid33-kDa alkaline protease515/56/46643
BAL fluidrRNA256/60/19407
BAL fluidrRNA70NAh11/70688
BAL fluidmtDNA523/312/4973
  • a Proven or highly probable disease based on clinical data.

  • b Healthy donor or patient without any clinical signs of IA.

  • c Another urine sample was PCR positive, but no clinical data were given for the patient.

  • d Thirteen other patients were analyzed, but clinical data were insufficient to classify.

  • e Nineteen patients were positive for GM.

  • f Twelve patients were positive for GM by the latex agglutination test.

  • g A total of 3 of 189 blood samples from 103 control patients gave false-positive results.

  • h NA, not applicable.