Table 4.

Results of quantitative antigenemia in different settings

SettingReferenceNo. of patientsNo. of PMN per slide/staining methodaLevel of antigenemia per slide in patients with CMV disease or syn- drome (mean or median)Threshold considered high risk for disease requiring antiviral treatment (per slide or per 50,000 PMN)
Heart transplantKoskinen et al. (99)68150,000/IP500100
Grossi et al. (83)294200,000/IF
 All patients385200
 Recipient positive366
 Recipient negative450
Ghisetti et al. (71)30200,000/IF310 NRc
Liver transplantvan den Berg et al. (172)45150,000/IP257b>100
Kidney transplantvan den Berg et al. (174)130150,000/IP54b>10
Halwachs et al. (85)59300,000/IP>10>10
Mixed solid-organ transplantNiubo et al. (122)127200,000/IP28–250>20
Autologous marrow transplantBoeckh et al. (19)67150,000/IF>50>5
Allogeneic marrow transplantBoeckh et al. (12)59150,000/IFNR≥2
Locatelli et al. (112)48200,000/IF51≥2
Gondo et al. (74)15150,000/IP>10NR
HIV and AIDSGerna et al. (64)52200,000/IF>100NR
Francisci et al. (59)49200,000/IF59NR
Salzberger et al. (146)14450,000/APAAP
Bek et al. (9)144200,000/IFNR>5
Wetherill et al. (183)22100,000/IF693>48
Reynes et al. (140)138200,000/IF695>100
Dodt et al. (45)20050,000/APAAP15dNR
Podzamczer (130)241200,000/IF>20d>20d
  • a IP, immunoperoxidase staining; IF, immunofluorescence staining.

  • b Numbers are per 50,000 PMN (counted).

  • c NR, not reported.

  • d Numbers adjusted to number of cells per slide.