Table 2.

Characteristics of five antifungal drugsa

VariableCharacteristic for:
Systemic administrationOralOralOralOral or intravenousOral
Related concerns or problemsTolerance, treatment lengthToxicity, interactionsInteractionsInteractions, CandidaresistanceAdverse events
Affinity for keratinLowHighHighHighHigh
Excretion in sweatHighHighMinimalHighNone
Excretion in sebumLimitedLimitedHighLimitedHigh
Drug concnbP = SP = SS > PS > PP = S
Time to reach stratum corneumEpidermis within 8 hUnknownWithin 24 hWithin 24 hWithin 8 h
Appropriate for skinYesYesYesYesYes
Appropriate for onychomycosisNoNoYesYesYes
  • a Adapted from reference7 with permission of the publisher.

  • b P, plasma; S, skin.