Table 2.

Gene nomenclaturea

GeneDerivation of nameOrganism(s)
CADCadmium resistanceSaccharomyces
CAPCandidaactivation protein (transcription factor)Candida
CDRCandida drug resistanceCandida
CFTRCystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance receptorMany systems
CYHRCycloheximide resistanceCandida
ELFElongation factorCandida
ERGErgosterol biosynthetic enzymesbSaccharomyces andCandida
FCYFlucytosine resistanceCandida
FLRFluconazole resistanceSaccharomyces
HST6Homolog of STE6Candida
MDRMultidrug resistanceMany systems
MRPMDR-related proteinMany systems
PDRPleomorphic drug resistanceSaccharomyces
STE6Sterile 6 (gene involved in mating − a factor export)Saccharomyces
THRThreonine biosynthetic enzymeSaccharomyces and Candida
yAPYeast activation proteinSaccharomyces
YCFYeast cadmium factorSaccharomyces and Candida
YEFYeast elongation factorSaccharomyces and Candida
  • a Gene names are derived from the definition given in the second column. The organism in which the gene has been identified is listed in the third column. In many instances, the gene name is used in more than one species, in many fungi, or in many biological systems. Many gene names represent families of genes in which the gene name is followed by a number which designates a specific gene from the family. For references, see the text.

  • b See Table 1.