Table 2.

Comparison of DQ and PAP stains

CharacteristicPropertiesDQ stainaPAP stain
TechniqueFixationAir dryImmediately in alcohol
Cell lossMinimalModerate
Stain time20 to 30 s5 to 10 min (rapid stain, 2 min)
MicroscopyExamine “wet”Coverslip needed
BackgroundBloodNo effectObscures detail
InflammationLimited effectObscures detail
NecrosisPoor detailLimited effect
Cellular detailCytoplasmic detailExcellentLimited
Cytoplasmic productsExcellentLimited
Nuclear detailLimitedExcellent
Infectious elements or microorganismsBacteriaGoodVariable to poor
MycobacteriaNegative imagesNot visible
 HyphaeVariable to poorGood to variable
 YeastsVariable to goodVariable to good, excellent forC. immitis
Viral inclusions
 Cytoplasmic (CMV)ExcellentSatisfactory
 Nuclear (CMV, HSV)LimitedExcellent
  • a A Romanowsky stain.