Table 5.

Comparison of miscellaneous tests used in systems for identification of gram-positive bacteria

CharacteristicIdentification systema
IdentifiesMicrococcaceae andStreptococcaceaeIdentifiesMicrococcaceaeIdentifies Streptococcaceae
MS GPMS Rapid GPVitek GPIPasco GP IDAPI Staph IDGeary et al. (86)Kloos and Bannerman (129)API Staph ID 32StaphZymRapID STRRapid ID 32 StrepAPI 20 Strep
Other hydrolases
 40% bile esculin+
 Heat-stable nuclease+
 Clumping factor+
 No. of tests101202510111
Other metabolic tests
 Arginine dihydrolase++++++++++
 Ornithine decarboxylase++
 Nitrate reductase++++
 Production of acetoin (VP)++++++
 No. of tests412421753132
  • a For an explanation of the identification systems, see Table 1, footnote a.