Priority research questions for point-of-care HIV viral load testing

Technology developmentCan a rapid test be valid and reliable when used on finger prick capillary blood?
Can the test processing time be reduced to <30 min?
Can the device be made portable and rugged enough for use in community settings?
Can the technology assist in communicating the result to the patients more efficiently?
Can proxy measures, such as virion markers, provide adequate measures of viral load?
Clinical testingAre clinic personnel capable of running and interpreting rapid viral load tests?
How accurate are current POC HIV viral load devices when used in clinical settings?
Can POC HIV viral load assays be efficiently integrated with other required tests?
Does clinic-based HIV viral load monitoring improve patient outcomes?
Implementation scienceHow do point-of-care viral load tests fit within models of differentiated HIV care?
What is the optimal interval for clinic-based HIV viral load testing?
Is it possible to conduct viral load testing in decentralized locations for ART refills?
Is the implementation of POC viral load testing cost-effective?