DAS181 treatment of HPIV infection in immunocompromised patientsa

SeriesAge (yr)SerotypePosttreatment viral loadPulmonary functionMortality
Chalkias et al. (221)64HPIV-11.91-log decreaseIntubatedExtubatedN
69HPIV-31.81-log decreaseIntubatedExtubatedN
Waghmare et al. (165)12HPIV-3Negative (D+48)N
7 moHPIV-2Negative (D+69)N
4HPIV-3Negative (D+4)N
3HPIV-3Negative (D+45)N
Chen et al. (166)63HPIV-3Negative (D+8)FEV1 = 0.76 liters, DLCO = 36%FEV1 = 0.91 liters, DLCO = 56%Y (D+14)
Guzman-Suarez et al. (222)55HPIV-31-log decrease (D+2)FEV1 = 0.93 liters, FVC = 1.12 litersFEV1 = 1.18 liters, FVC = 1.31 litersN
59HPIV-3Unchanged (D+2)FEV1 = 1.52 liters, FVC = 1.74 litersFEV1 = 1.69 liters, FVC = 1.98 litersN
Dhakal et al. (223)74HPIV-3IntubatedIntubated w/ improved oxygen requirementsY
35HPIV-3IntubatedIntubated w/ improved oxygen requirementsN
Drozd et al. (224)64HPIV-3Negative (D+6)High flow maskNasal cannulaN
Salvatore et al. (225)53HPIV-13.94-log10 decrease (D+10)90% on 90% FIO2 (vent)100% on 55% FIO2 (vent)Y (D+21)
69HPIV-396% on 50% FIO2 (facemask)95% on 4-liter NCN
64HPIV-31.14-log10 decrease (D+5)96% on 35% FIO2 (vent)97% on 50% FIO2 (vent)N
66HPIV-41.69-log10 decrease (D+7)96% on 3L NC96% on 2-liter NCN
67HPIV-397% on 50% FIO2 (facemask)98% on 50% FIO2 (vent)Y (D+10)
58HPIV-494% on 3-liter (NC)99% on 50% FIO2 (vent)N
65HPIV-3/495% on RA99% on RAN
29HPIV-13.51-log10 decrease (D+7)98% on 3-liter NC99% on 3-liter NC (off oxygen D+10)N
50HPIV-10.19-log10 increase (D+7)96% on 3-liter NC95% on 3-liter NCN
65HPIV-394% on 5-liter NC96% on 2-liter NCN
72HPIV-390% on RA94% on RAN
65HPIV-397% on RA97% on RAN
60HPIV-31.60-log10 increase (D+5)96% on 6-liter NC97% on 4-liter NC (off oxygen D+6)Y (D+21)
66HPIV-498% on RA99% on RAN
59HPIV-4100% on RA100% on RAN
71HPIV-42.60-log10 decrease (D+7)94% on RA95% on RAN
  • a Literature search was conducted using PubMed. Studies were included if DAS181 was used therapeutically to treat HPIV in immunocompromised patients. Viral load, pulmonary function, and mortality were assessed from data available in the study text. No studies were excluded. D+#, days after end of treatment; NC, nasal cannula; RA, room air; HPIV, human parainfluenzavirus; DLCO, diffusion capacity of lung for carbon monoxide.