Frequency of clinical manifestations in six sets of patients with classic Whipple's disease

Characteristic or clinical manifestationValue for characteristic or frequency of patients (%) showing the indicated clinical manifestation in the following studya:
Maizel et al. (166)Fleming et al. (106)Durand et al. (65)Ojeda et al. (230)Lagier et al. (102)Gunther et al. (73)
    Publication yr197019881997201020102015
    Study period1950–19701954–19841967–19941947–20012000–20102002–2015
    No. of patients114295291113191
    Male (%)887973888377
    Mean age (yrs) at diagnosis [range]50 [1–83]54 [34–70]55 [20–82]56 [23–79]57 [33–80]57 [31–84]
Clinical manifestation
    Weight loss958985807999
    Abdominal pain60NS232731NS
    Joint symptoms658283207868
    Neurological symptomsNS4321162224
    Pleural effusionNS710914NS
    Prior joint symptomsNSNS6758NSNS
    Prior digestive symptomsNSNS1527NSNS
    Chronic coughNSNS23NSNS
  • a NS, not specified.