Percent nucleotide identities of various yeast species compared to Candida auris (South Asian clade), calculated over the 285-bp D1-D2 portion of the C. auris 28S ribosomal DNA gene

Organism% identity
Candida auris (South Asian clade)100
Candida auris (South African clade)99
Candida auris (East Asian clade)99
Candida lusitaniae82
Candida haemulonii82
Candida guilliermondii80
Candida ciferrii80
Candida pseudohaemulonii79
Candida duobushaemulonii79
Candida tropicalis79
Candida kefyr79
Candida pelliculosa78
Saccharomyces cerevisiae77
Candida utilis76
Candida famata75
Candida parapsilosis70
Candida magnoliae46
Candida albicans43
Candida krusei43
Candida glabrata42
Candida inconspicua42
Candida norvegensis42
Candida rugosa39