Commercially available bone-regenerative biomaterials, including collagen-based sponges and bone cement/beads, loaded with antimicrobials and used for treatment of osteomyelitis

Collagen-based sponges
    Collatamp G/EGEUSA PharmaResorbable collagen implant impregnated with gentamicinPrevent and treat surgical site infections through local antibiotic delivery
    Genta-CollResorbaHemostyptic collagen sponge containing gentamicinHemostasis in wounds when there is high risk of infection (including in osteomyelitis)
    Septocoll EBiomet UK Ltd.Resorbable equine collagen fleece containing 2 forms of gentamicin (gentamicin sulfate [rapid release] and gentamicin crobefate [protracted release])Potentially contaminated/contaminated wounds; revision operations in septic surgery
Bone cement/beads
    SeptopalBiomet UK Ltd.PMMA chains loaded with gentamicin sulfateLocal drug delivery after surgical debridement
    StimulanBiocompositesCalcium sulfate (can mix with gentamicin, vancomycin, and tobramycin)Complements dead space and infection management strategies (e.g., infected nonunions, osteomyelitis, and periprosthetic joint infection)
    PalacosHeraeus MedicalBone cement (available with gentamicin)Orthopedic replacement procedures