Recent animal isolations of Plesiomonas

CategorySpecific organismsa
InvertebratesMussels, prawns
FishAlgae eaters, arowana (Asian), bass (largemouth), bluegills, catfish (channel), carp (grass), cichlids, goldfish, grouper, halibut, eel (Japanese), roaches, tilapia, trout (rainbow)
Marine mammals Dolphins, sea lions (South American), sea otters (CA)
Waterfowl Cormorants, goldeneyes, gulls, heron, penguins, storks (black), swans (whooper)
OtherAlligators, cats, dogs, foxes, hares, lizards, wolves
  • a Isolations reported since 2000. Italics indicate species with multiple reports, suggesting that plesiomonads are common inhabitants. Boldface indicates species associated with sporadic or outbreak disease.