Studies with clinical outcomes after fosfomycin administration for non-urinary tract infections published from 2010 onwardsa

First author, yr of publication (reference)Study place, yrDesignPatients, nInfections (n)BacteriaFosfomycinComparatorMortalityClinical cureMicrobiological cure
Michalopoulos, 2010 (220)Greece, 2008ProspectiveAdults, 11ICU infectionsCR K. pneumoniae i.v. 4 g q6h plus other antibioticsNA2/11 (18.2%)NRNR
Apisarnthanarak, 2010 (219)Thailand, 2009–2010RetrospectiveAdults, 8HAP/VAPCR P. aeruginosa i.v. 2 g q8h plus i.v. doripenem (1 g q8h, extended infusion)NA2/8 (25%)6/8 (75%)6/7 (86%)
Florent, 2011 (243)France, 2005–2010Retrospective arm, prospective armAdults, 72BJI (33), CNS infections (11), EaS infections (9), UTI (9), BSI (5), SSTI (4), pneumonia (1) Enterobacteriaceae (24, including 5 ESBL- and 4 AmpC-producing strains), P. aeruginosa (13, including 5 MDR strains), staphylococci (12, including 6 MRSA strains); overall, MDR, 28%i.v. 4 g q8h plus other antibioticsNANR63/72 (87%)NR
Kusachi, 2011 (244)Japan, NANAAdults, 114Intra-abdominal abscessNAi.v. added on previously failing antibioticNANR91/104 (87.5%)NA
Dihn, 2012 (242)France, 2007ProspectiveAdults and children, 116Lung infections (33), BJI (32), UTI (16), BSI (9), IAI, endocarditis, CNS infections (7) P. aeruginosa (43), Enterobacteriaceae (29), MRCNS (23), MRSA (15), Streptococcus spp (6), MDR (83), ESBL (49)i.v. 4 g q6h–q8h plus other antibioticsNA30/116 (25.9%)77/99 (77%)66/83 (79.5%)
Apisarnthanarak, 2012 (240)Thailand, 2007–2011Retrospective49HAP/VAPCR P. aeruginosa i.v. for ≥2 days plus doripenem (1 g q8h) or colistin (5 mg/kg/day in 2 divided doses)NA20/49 (40.8%)29/49 (59.2%)33/49 (67.3%)
Navarro-San Francisco, 2013 (245)Spain, 2010–2012Prospective5BacteremiaOXA-48-producing K. pneumoniae i.v. plus either tigecycline or colistinCombinations of tigecycline, colistin, carbapenems, aminoglycosides2/5 (40%) vs 24/35 (68.6%)NRNR
Pontikis, 2014 (246)Greece 2010–2012ProspectiveICU, 66Primary BSI, VAP, CR-BSI, IAIKPC-producing K. pneumoniae (41), P. aeruginosa (17)i.v. 16–24 g in divided doses plus other antibioticsNA18/48 (37.5%)26/48 (54.2%)27/48 (56.3%)
Del Rio, 2014 (241)Spain, 2001–2010Prospective16BSI (75% endocarditis)MRSAi.v. 2 g q6h plus imipenem (1 g q6h)NA5/16 (31%)NRNR
  • a Abbreviations: BJI, bone and joint infections; BSI, bloodstream infections; CNS, central nervous system; CR, carbapenem resistant; CR-BSI, catheter-related bloodstream infections; EaS, ear and sinus infections; ESBL, extended-spectrum β-lactamase; HAP, hospital-acquired pneumonia; IAI, intra-abdominal infections, i.v., intravenous; KPC, Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase; MDR, multidrug resistant; MRCNS, methicillin-resistant coagulase-negative staphylococci; MRSA, methicillin-resistant S. aureus; NA, not available; SSTI, skin and soft tissue infections; UTI, urinary tract infections; VAP, ventilator-associated pneumonia.