Table 3.

Gaps in the current knowledge of P. falciparum gametocytemia

CategoryUnanswered question or area for research
BiologyWhat triggers gametocytogenesis in P. falciparum?
What parasite adhesins are involved in gametocyte sequestration?
Are there tropins that mediate the fertilization of male and female gametocytes at low gametocyte densities?
Do gametocytes preferentially localize in the small capillaries?
Are there circadian patterns in gametocyte concentration or infectivity?
ControlWhat is the contribution of chronic asymptomatic parasite carriers to malaria transmission?
ToolsSensitive tool for the detection of asymptomatic parasite/gametocyte carriers for public health purposes
Sensitive tool for sexing gametocytes at low gametocyte densities
Safe and efficacious gametocytocidal component for combination therapy
Sensitive parasite detection methods for field evaluation of transmission-reducing interventions in settings of low endemicity