Table 3.

Clinical syndromes in reported cases of unusual Mucormycetes infection

Species (n)% of reported cases or no. of cases
Soft tissue infection (osteomyelitis or arthritis) a Pulmonary infection (sinopulmonary/cardiopulmonary infection)Disseminated infectionRhino-orbito-cerebral infection (otogenic infection) a Renal infection b Intra-abdominal infection (gastrointestinal infection)
Apophysomyces elegans complex (74)52.7 (5.4)010.825.7 (2.7)6.84.0
Cunninghamella bertholletiae (43)9.3 (2.3)30.2 (2.3/2.3)48.84.702.3
Saksenaea vasiformis (42)73.8 (9.5)09.514.32.40
Rhizomucor pusillus (22)13.6 (4.5)22.7 (4.5/4.5)
Syncephalastrum racemosum (4)75.0 (1 case of onychomycosis)00001 case
Cokeromyces recurvatus (3)01 case001 case1 case
Actinomucor elegans (1)001 case000
Total (189)42.312.222.815.33.73.7
  • a The cases in parentheses are also included in the total numbers of soft tissue or rhino-orbito-cerebral infections.

  • b Kidney and/or urinary tract infection.