Established Giardia species and G. duodenalis assemblages

SpeciesMajor host(s)
G. agilis Kunstler, 1882Amphibians
G. ardeae Noller, 1920Birds
G. microti Benson, 1908Muskrats and voles
G. muris Benson, 1908Rodents
G. psittaci Erlandsen and Bemrick, 1987Birds
G. varani Lavier, 1923a Lizards
G. duodenalis Davaine, 1875Mammals
Assemblage A (=G. duodenalis sensu stricto?b)Humans, nonhuman primates, domestic and wild ruminants, alpacas, pigs, horses, domestic and wild canines, cats, ferrets, rodents, marsupials, other mammals
Assemblage B (=G. enterica?b)Humans, nonhuman primates, cattle, dogs, horses, rabbits, beavers, muskrats
Assemblage C (=G. canis?b)Domestic and wild canines
Assemblage D (=G. canis?b)Domestic and wild canines
Assemblage E (=G. bovis?b)Domestic ruminants, pigs
Assemblage F (=G. cati?b)Cats
Assemblage G (=G. simondi?b)Mice, rats
Assemblage HSeals
  • a To be supported by molecular biological characterizations.

  • b Species names recently proposed (180, 260, 261).