Definition of different subtypes in assemblage Aa

SubassemblageMLG typeSubtype GenBank accession no. Host(s) (no. of positive samples)
AIAI-1A1A1A1AY178735, EF507606, EF685701, EF507610X14185, AY258617, EU769204, X85958, GQ919292, GQ919293, EU769204L02120, AY655704, AF069556, EF688040, AB509384Human (2), cattle (4), water buffalo (2), cat (1), pig (1), sheep (1)
AI-2A5A5A5M84604, EU362969, EF507598AB469365, DQ649780, DQ984131, AB218605AB509383, EU781000Cat (1)
AIIAII-1A2A2A2AY178737, EF507674, EU362964, EF507675, L40510AY072723, FJ971422, EU594669, FJ560582U57897Human (9), cat (1)
AII-2A3A3A2EU278608AY072724, FJ971415, EU188635, FJ471821U57897Human (12)
AII-3A3A2A2EU278608AY072723, FJ971422, EU594669, FJ560582U57897Human (4)
AII-4A4A3A2EF507657, EF507680, EF507651, EF507676AY072724, FJ971415, EU188635, FJ471821U57897Human (5)
AII-5A3A3A1EU278608AY072724, FJ971415, EU188635, FJ471821L02120, AY655704, AF069556, EF688040, AB509384Human (1)
AII-6A3A3A3EU278608AY072724, FJ971415, EU188635, FJ471821EU041754Human (1)
AII-7A3A3A4EU278608AY072724, FJ971415, EU188635, FJ471821GQ329677, AB509382, EU781027, EU637593Human (1)
AIIIAIII-1A6A6A6EU637582, DQ100288DQ650649, EU621373DQ650648, EU781002Fallow deer (9), wild boar (1), cat (1)
  • a The definitions for subtypes A1 and A5 based on the gdh gene are switched. In the original definitions, only two sequences belonged to subtype A1, whereas the majority of assemblage AI sequences belonged to subtype A5. (Adapted from reference 37 with permission from Elsevier.)