Table 2.

Fulfillment of criteria required to determine whether M. genitalium or C. trachomatis causes NGU a

CriterionFulfillment of criterion for:
M. genitaliumC. trachomatis
Detection significantly more often than in controls for:
    Acute NGU++++++++
    Chronic NGU++++
    Homosexual NGU++++++
Larger no. of organisms than in controls+++++
Antibody titers and responses more often than in controls+++
Effective microbiological and clinical response to therapy++++++++
Reproduction of disease in inoculated subhuman primates+++++++
Reproduction of disease in inoculated human volunteersNDND
Wide geographic involvement++++++++
Disease prevented by natural or exptl immunityND+
  • a ++++, excellent; +++, good; ++, moderate; +, poor; ND, not determined. The second to eighth criteria relate mainly to acute NGU.