Table 1.

Currently accepted species and subspecies in the genus Serratia

OrganismYr described [reference(s)]HabitatPathogenicity
S. entomophila 1988 (169)Insects (Costelytra zealandica)Insects
S. ficaria 1979 (167)Plants, insects (fig-fig wasp cycle)Humans
S. fonticola 1979 (145)WaterHumans
S. glossinae 2010 (146)Insects (Glossina palpalis gambiensis)Not reported
S. grimesii 1983 (163)Water, soilNot reported (organism has been isolated from human specimens)
S. liquefaciens 1931 (158)Water, soil, animals, insects, plantsHumans, insects
S. marcescens subsp. marcescens 1823 (37, 264)Water, soil, animals, insects, plantsHumans, animals, insects
S. marcescens subsp. sakuensis 1998 (109)WaterNot reported
S. nematodiphila 2009 (425)Nematodes (Heterorhabditidoides chongmingensis)Not reported
S. odorifera 1978 (165)PlantsHumans
S. plymuthica 1896 (162)Water, animals, insects, plantsHumans
S. proteamaculans 1919 (291)Water, soil, animals, insects, plantsInsects, plants
S. quinivorans 1982 (163)Water, soil, animals, insects, plantsHumans
S. rubidaea 1940 (363)Water, plantsHumans
S. ureilytica 2005 (36)WaterNot reported