Table 10

Malassezia allergens

AllergenProbable function a Molecular mass (kDa)DescriptionReference(s)
Mala f 2Peroxisomal membrane protein21Identified in 71.9% of atopic eczema patients sensitized to M. furfur 325
Mala f 3Peroxisomal membrane protein20Identified in 70.3% of atopic eczema patients sensitized to M. furfur 325
Mala f 4Mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase35Identified in 83.3% of atopic eczema patients; in this cohort of patients, the corresponding rate of sensitization for Mala f 2 was 88.8% 239
Mala s 1Unknown36 267
Mala s 5Peroxisomal membrane protein18 123
Mala s 6Cyclophilin6030% of patients with atopic eczema or allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis have cross-reactive IgE against the recombinant protein 123
Mala s 7Unknown16 331
Mala s 8Unknown18 331
Mala s 9Unknown14 331
Mala s 10Heat shock protein 708669% IgE binding in serum of atopic eczema patients 10
Mala s 11MnSOD2336% of atopic eczema patients were sensitized to recombinant Mala s 11 and presented cross-reactivity to human MnSOD; 75% IgE binding in serum of atopic eczema patients; demonstration of IgE binding residues in mutated Mala s 11; human MnSOD may have additional IgE binding epitopes not present in Mala s 11 10, 279, 321
Mala s 12GMC oxidoreductase67Cell surface antigen; it is a major antigen, and 62% of atopic eczema patients have binding IgE antibodies; no alcohol substrate could be identified; it is expressed and released in culture medium in higher quantities at pH 6.1 348
Mala s 13Thioredoxin1345% sequence identity with human thioredoxin; release of immediate-type allergic skin reactions in sensitized individuals; specific T lymphocytes for Mala s 13 were generated from patients with atopic eczema and not controls and cross-reacted with human thioredoxin 20, 199
MGp42Heat shock protein 7042No cross-reactivity with human HSP70 despite high level of sequence homology (65%); low level of sequence homology with Mala s 10 (22%) 159
  • a MnSOD, manganese superoxide dismutase; GMC, glucose-methanol-choline.