Table 2

Malaria among Union soldiers in the American Civil War, 1861–1865 a

Group and malarial diseaseNo. of casesNo. of deathsNo. of fatalities/1,000 cases
Caucasian troops (2,269,793 man-years from 1861 to 1865)
    Quotidian intermittent410,7134201.0
    Tertian intermittent345,4713541.0
    Quartan intermittent38,705832.1
    Congestive intermittent12,8243,139245
African-American troops (134,367 man-years from 1863 to 1866)
    Quotidian intermittent42,035471.1
    Tertian intermittent32,038421.3
    Quartan intermittent2,876134.5
    Congestive intermittent1,987662333
  • a Adapted from the 1884 work of Sternberg (34).