Table 7

Summary of prospective hospital-based studies of severe malaria a

Yr of publication (reference)LocationNo. of admissions No. of severe cases No. of fatal cases DiagnosticsDominant P. vivax syndromes
P. falciparumP. vivaxP. falciparumP. vivaxP. falciparumP. vivax
2008 (130)Indonesia7,8172,9371,57067516746M, RSMA, PD, SAM
2010 (131)India185103796564M, R, PSMA, ST, MOD
2010 (132)Brazil169001906M, PSMA, ARDS, Jd, RF, MOD
2012 (133)Sudan298 (total for both species)6118NR0MSMA, ST, CS, SAM
2012 (134)India33532410MSMA, ST, CS
2012 (135)Papua New Guinea3,019 (total for both species)2622711M, R, PCS, SMA, MAc
  • a NR, not reported/no data; M, microscopy; R, rapid diagnostic test; P, PCR; ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; CS, cerebral syndrome (coma or seizures); Jd, jaundice; MAc, metabolic acidosis; MOD, multiple organ dysfunction; RF, renal failure; SAM, shock or algid malaria; SMA, severe malarial anemia; ST, severe thrombocytopenia.