Table 3

Infections associated with flexible sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy

ReferenceMicroorganismNo. of contaminated patients after endoscopyNo. of infected patientsInfection(s)Detection of endoscope contaminationCause(s) of contamination
87 Salmonella Lomita20NoNot testedInappropriate cleaning and disinfection (phenolic solution)
28 Salmonella Goerlitz11GastroenteritisYesLack of manual cleaning; inappropriate disinfection (phenolic solution)
85 Salmonella Newport82GastroenteritisYesBiopsy forceps not sterilized; inappropriate disinfection (iodophor solution)
181 HCV22HCV infectionNot testedInadequate manual cleaning; insufficient disinfectant exposure; biopsy forceps not sterilized
182 HCV11HCV infectionNot testedContaminated syringe or anesthetic vial; inappropriate disinfection